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OCD, Motivation, and Self-Efficacy


by nitinut by nitinut

Whether we have obsessive-compulsive disorder or not, I think most of us can relate to lacking motivation at times. We are tired, it’s just easier “not to______”(fill in your own blank), we are going to fail anyway, we don’t see the point. We just aren’t motivated to do what we need to do.

In the context of OCD, motivation is likely one of the most deciding factors in overcoming the disorder. Asking for help isn’t always easy, and ERP therapy is hard work. If you’re not motivated, you’re unlikely to be successful, and OCD will continue to rule your life. I’ve written before about recovery avoidance and the role incentives and motivation play in fighting OCD.

In this wonderful blog post (which I highly recommend) titled Self-Efficacy: Turning Doubt into Drive, Anna Cutteridge discusses how those who possess self-efficacy are more likely to be self-motivated in…

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